Much Ado About Nothing

Catherine Johnson of the Rough Magic Performance Company asked me to design their ad campaign for their adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”. I was delighted with this one, being a big fan of Shakespeare and Rough Magic Performance Company.

Advertisement for “Much Ado About Nothing (as told by Dogberry and Verges)”.
Minnesota Fringe Festival, Rough Magic Performance Company.

The eyes above are of Catherine Johnson and Alayne Hopkins, the artistic directors of Rough Magic and the actors who played Benedick and Beatrice. The rest of their faces are actually a compilation of facial features from the remaining cast. The title going over their mouths isn’t a coincidence – it represents the rumors and lies being told, and the silences and misunderstandings that make up the plot of this classic piece from Shakespeare.

For this campaign, I took all the photos and used Adobe Photoshop to manipulate it into one cohesive image. I then used InDesign to produce the advertisement.

The back of the advertisement.
Another use of the images I designed as a poster.