Photoshop Color

If you are looking at this post, you get a dose of honesty in advertising.

The pandemic made my social life disappear and it highlighted the loneliness of freelancing. I made the decision that I want to be part of a team. I want a full time job.

I freelanced part-time for the last 14 years. I also got out of the house before the pandemic to teach theater and art at my child’s elementary school. During the pandemic, I wasn’t able to go and teach…and somehow my child started high school. I’m a positive person, so instead of getting upset I became determined to get more out of life.

Long story short, knowing I want to be part of team again, I decided to get some certifications from, run by Daniel Walter Scott. I wanted to prove I know my stuff. Here is a selection from the lessons on working with color in Photoshop. There will be other posts like this, but this is the explanation post because these are the first lessons. I should tell you, I kind of blew through this course. While a good refresher also teaches you new things, I feel pretty good that I knew most of this, too.

For this assignment, we had to change the color and then we had to add elements to make it an advertisement. Finally, we had to put it on a professional background.

This one was easy – adding a gradient overlay. I chose mine to make it look like the splash occurred at dawn or dusk. Photo by Jordan on Unsplash.