Simplement Jardin

Lara Weisse, an eco-landscaper who adapts gardens to a natural environment, asked me to design a logo for her company, Simplement Jardin (Simply Garden).

We started with the idea that she wanted to demonstrate the direct relationship between the earth and sun. We added the imagery of the cycle of life and days with a circle for each. We further added the ladybug to remind us that all things in a garden are part of the cycle of life.

We later decided to open the circles by 1/4 to show the openness of her design process, the vastness of Earth and space, and the possible growing season of 3/4 of the year.

A logo of a tree with a sun and a ladybug. It says 'Simplement Jardin', or in English, Simply Garden. Then it also says 'Inspired by Nature'.

I also made a brochure for her…though hers has the real information, while this is just placeholder text.

Photo credits, left to right: Adobe Stock, Kate Johnson, Christophe Le Faucheur

Photo credits: flower, Kate Johnson; Lara Weiss working in the garden; Lara designing a landscape at her desk.

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